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Web Design And Internet Strategy

With a sound base of knowledge focusing primarily in the field of web design, we are well experienced with life on the internet! Since the initial years of the public incarnation of the Internet, the World Wide Web, we have been following on every step of the way. Whilst the web design and strategy portion of the work we do is marketed under the umbrella of 'ChalkOutline Web Design', the ideals of Hyde Consulting continue to run strong in this venture. Our team is well versed in the following technologies:

  • HTML (the original and most robust web language)
  • PHP (offering enhanced interaction to your site)
  • MySQL (often used in database driven web sites)
  • CSS (giving a consistant look to your site)
  • JavaScript (offering an alternative to stagnant design)
To see a wide range of our past projects please see the ChalkOutline Web Design site.
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